Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health. There are so many benefits to exercising, and I am thrilled that you have taken the first step to improving your health! 

Your health and fitness are very important! We are dedicated to helping you wherever you are at; whether you are just starting a fitness regimen or a seasoned health and fitness "warrior", our goal is to bring you the best up-to-date information, give you new "moves" for your workout experience, and show you how to keep your foundation of health and fitness in line, all while helping you to meet your health and fitness goals.

If you want to workout in a motivating environment, The Fab Body Factory is the place for you!



My experience with the boot camp has been phenomenal.  Since I started I have gotten stronger and have lost inches.  I believe that with time and my commitment to my health I will see a bigger change with my body.  The best thing about Deanna is that she pushes you all the way to work through the burn and pain and keeps you motivated.

                    -Sherri Philson  

Legal Secretary

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